If you have a business, chances are, you already have a Facebook fan page for said business. This is perfect, and exactly where you need to be to reach your customers where they spend a lot of their time. In fact, most people turn to social media when they are in the market to buy, and Facebook is the most popular social media platform today.

Since your business is on Facebook, you’ve probably already noticed it can be extremely difficult gaining new fans for your page. This is how Facebook works, and it’s done on purpose.

Originally, Facebook began as a social platform for ordinary people to interact with their friends and family. It was not intended for use as a marketing tool. However, as the site became more popular, business owners began realizing its potential for promoting their brands. This led to Facebook adding the ability to create pages, and instantly it became a valuable marketing tool for business.

The downside to this is, Facebook has a dirty little secret. In an effort to keep spam to a minimum – which is a good thing, and to make a profit – which is all a part of business, Facebook implemented an algorithm (a process or set of rules to be followed by a computer) that isn’t quite as business-friendly as we’d all like. This algorithm keeps the majority of your fans from seeing the posts you’ve worked so hard to create.

Now, before you condemn Facebook and swear to never use it again, let’s discuss what this means.

When we say “the majority of your fans,” we’re talking nearly 90% of them will not see your posts. This sounds bad, but there are ways to reach more of the people who follow your page, so keep reading.

There are two ways to reach more of your fans with each post:

1-. Pay for it. Facebook has added a “Promote” button to the page that allows you to pay a monetary fee in order for more of your fans to see your posts. You may be inclined to use this feature because it’s easy, but there is a downside.

When you make a regular, un-paid post, it reaches about 10% of your fans. When you promote a post, it’s likely to only reach about 29%; hardly worth the money, right?

In addition, you must pay to promote each individual post. If you’re posting several times a day, this could get costly.

2-. Provide valuable, entertaining content. This tactic is highly recommended because it gives your customers a reason to come back, and provides new customers with a reason to choose you over the competition. Having said all that, this option also involves quite a bit more effort on your part. There are many aspects involved in creating a page your fans look forward to visiting again and again.

  • Post photos with your status updates.
  • Ask questions.
  • Put in blank statements. For example, “This weekend I am going to…”
  • Post news from your industry.
  • Share “how to” tips.
  • Post funny stories and pictures.
  • Give away free gifts

If you don’t want to pay to promote your posts on Facebook, and you aren’t willing, or don’t have the time, to devote yourself to constantly and consistently monitor your Facebook page, it may be necessary to hire an outside agency to do the work for you. These agencies manage your page, usually on a monthly basis, updating statuses, engaging fans in conversation, and gaining new fans for a fee. Don’t let your brand get lost on the Internet. Use Facebook correctly and watch your business succeed.